Warehouse and Distribution

Purpose Built for Multi-Channel Retailers

With the warehouse a critical function in a multi-channel retail strategy, innovating to meet changing market conditions is constrained when warehouse systems can't adapt to new business models.

In Arena you will find a Warehouse Management solution designed from the ground up to support the complexities of a multi-channel retailer.

  • Tight integration with Arena Assortment and Supply Management functions ensures fast and efficient execution of all merchandise tasks
  • Centralized 'endless aisle' order fulfillment enables your customer to buy anywhere, any time - in store or on line - with integrated product sourcing and fulfillment from any location.

Arena Warehouse and Distribution includes: -

  • Comprehensive warehouse configuration with aisle and zone management - including inbound, outbound, pick, bulk and hold zones
  • Integrated RF across all warehouse functions
  • Comprehensive and customizable store replenishment
  • Pre-pack and cross dock, tightly integrated with Arena Assortment & Buying functions
  • Multiple pick options - wave pick, pick to carton, high and low pick zones
  • Comprehensive ECommerce pick management including wave picking to put station, and pick direct to shipping carton
  • Full license plate management to improve handling efficiency
  • Courier system integration
  • Multi-tenant capability, supporting management of independant brands within a single warehouse

Talk to us and discover how Arena's Warehouse and Distribution module can improve the accuracy and efficiency of your warehouse team.