A Planning Solution that Maps to Your Needs

For many retailers planning comprises numerous complex, inter-related spread sheets; often ‘bound’ to a single person. They are time consuming to maintain week to week and season to season, and difficult to evolve with changing business needs and conditions. For retailers who have already invested in a planning solution, they are often so unwieldy as to be un-maintainable. Risk of failure is high, with personnel changes crippling the planning process.

Arena’s Planning module integrates and aligns the disparate parts of your planning process into a single, seamless, integrated solution. Our planning solution can be configured to match your exact requirements and can even replicate your current spread sheet models. Custom workflows ensure that your planning process is mandated regardless of personnel changes. Tight integration with Arena Business Intelligence eliminates manual data entry, and ensures reporting and planning is aligned.

Built for the Mid-Market

Traditional planning solutions are prohibitively expensive to implement and maintain. Architected for the tier one retailer with many 100's of stores and large compartmentalized planning and buying teams, they force disciplines and processes that don't translate to the mid-market where small flexible teams are the norm. 

Arena's planning delivers the power and sophistication of a tier one planning tool, with a configuratbility and price point suited to the lean mid-market retailer. 

  • Store and sales planning
  • Category and range planning
  • Open to buy and unit plans

Implement our standard solution out of the box, or work with us to cost effectively map our solution to your exact requirements.