Assortments & Buying

Assortments and Buying

Your assortment is the foundation of your brand, proclaiming who you are and who you are speaking to. Effective assortments fuse consistency with innovation, delivering an unwavering message to your loyal customers while inspiring and capturing their imaginations. And from creativity flows action - the miriad of tasks which brings your assortment from the factory or vendor to the shop floor.  

Too often creativity is stifled through ineffective manual processes and systems, drawing time and attention from the very tasks which create great assortments. Ineffective tools frustrate the buying team leading to failures in supply. In Arena you will find a comprehensive platform to manage all aspects of your assortment and supply process, aiding efficiency and creativity, and improving brand consistency and profitiability:-

  • Post season analysis
  • Category and unit planning
  • Buying management including full visibility of each items status in the supply process
  • Production event management
  • Item costing and retail price configuration
  • Logitistics and shipping management
  • Order configuration and order management
  • Optimum order size generation
  • Store allocation including pre packs and cross dock, and optimized pick profiles
  • Store minimums and ECommerce reserves

Great assortments come to life through creativity and execution. Talk to us and discover how Retail Arena can unleash the potential in your teams.